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A lot of women are sick of starting over and have tried almost everything to change their mindset, lose body fat and build strength.

Gain confidence while being stronger than ever! 

Just Imagine How You Will Feel And Look When You Burn Un-Wanted Belly Fat, Tone up Your Body and Be Stronger Than Ever  

The solution is here: fast, long-lasting results and the healthy lifestyle you need to keep them!

Here, women and men of all fitness levels experience the head-turning body transformations they desire.

The key to your fat loss, strength and muscle building success is support and motivation from our world class coaches, and easy to follow nutrition coaching to help you get results and keep them!  

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Relentless Gym is not your average gym.
This isn't a "One program for everyone" Group Circuit or a commercial gym where you are left to figure everything out yourself with no long term plan specific to you. 
Relentless is an exclusive coaching facility that delivers results-driven sessions and programs focused on weight loss, body toning and strength. 

We work with a large variety of individuals from athletes wanting to train for the demands of their sport, mum's wanting to get their strength, body and confidence back, women who want to look great for their wedding or holiday and everyone in-between. Helping them deal with the stress of the day-to-day grind of their job, lifestyle or being a busy parent. 

Every program is specific to the individual for the most effective and fasted results. Time and time again we've seen successful training transfer into all aspects of our client's lives - Improved Relationships, Less Stress, Job promotions, Increased Income and more.. 

Every session at Relentless led by a Certified Coach to ensure you get the best workout, great results while keeping you safe and injury free


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That's 19kg lost. Thanks so much for all your help, I appreciate you being there and believing in my ability to accomplish what I do 

I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that this morning I have reached and overtaken my weight goal

Thanks Jake. Training has definitely helped with my recovery,. You said it would and i wasn't convinced at first, but I know training with you is the best decision I have ever made


There is no better place to learn the best way and the correct way of training, Jake's knowledge on training will guide you in the right direction to better yourself and better the way you think about training

Only a few weeks in and can already notice a massive difference in my performance in and out of the gym, very patient/knowledgeable man... can’t recommend him enough!

Professional, knowledgeable and an all-round good bloke who goes above and beyond to get the best out of you. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

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