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Our classes are not "Classes" in the traditional sense, but results-driven, sessions on focused on developing everyone individually for success. If it's your first time stepping in a ring, you are learning basic fundamentals or have years of in-ring experience - there is space for you to work with one of our experienced coaches in our positive, Results-driven facility.  

Relentless School of Pro-Wrestling is for aspiring Pro-wrestlers, managers, referees and anyone who would like to learn the craft and be involved in the Pro-Wrestling industry. Built on a combined 30 years of experience and knowledge obtained by some of the best coaches around the world, performing at the highest level. Relentless School of Pro Wrestling is led by coaches JXT, "The Big Rig" Fox and "The Relentless" Jake Navara. 

Relentless has an intensive results-driven athletic development program available for students to ensure Strength, Performance and recovery needs are met for the demands of Pro-Wrestling. We work closely with some of Australia's best allied health Professionals to ensure the highest quality care for our students. 

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